Hello! I'm Bruno.

For many years I've written down a lot of ideas for articles, but never really had a place for them. I've decided to start writing them down here.

I want to write about learning, AI, software, and my personal projects. I'm also interested in writing about the business side of software development, and the challenges of running a small business.

I'm a software engineer with 15 years of experience. I've worked on a wide variety of projects, mostly as a consultant.

I'm currently working with Just Move In, a proptech startup that helps people move home.

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I'm currently developing a project and business management app for freelancers and small teams that's offline-first, local-first, and available on web, desktop, and mobile. Finally, an app where you can work offline, sync with your team, and own your data. No more worrying about losing your work or your privacy.

I'm looking for a marketing/sales co-founder, as well as pre-seed funding. If you're interested, get in touch.

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I can help with late projects, database problems, software performance issues, coaching, rapid prototyping, systems architecture, database architecture.

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